This year Bitola - the city of councils with pride and dignity will mark a very important event from its cultural history and that is the 30 Anniversary of The Small Montmartre of Bitola, which manifestation affirmate this city of the foothill of Pelister and Republic of Macedonia world wide.

Jubilees are a good occasion to resume the achievements of the celebrant. Our celebrant - The Small Montmartre of Bitola during the last three decades achieved so many results. Those results encounter this Bitola's manifestation among the most famous children art festivals not only in Macedonia but worldwide. Numbers will be the best confirmation of that.

And those numbers speaks about the interest, which is greater from year to year. On the first art colony only five teams with twenty kinds took participation, while later more than thirty teams took participation regularly, and there were more than 150 pupils, art pedagogues and other guests.

The organizers of Bitola' manifestation Children Art Studio St. Cyril and Methodi - Bitola, thanks to The Small Montmartre of Bitola gain the priceless art fortune with more than 500 000 beautiful children art work made from the children all over Europe and world wide. Such fortune could only be seen at the most famous galleries like Louvre in Paris, Hermitage in Sankt Petersburg, Prado from Madrid.

Those 30 years existence of The Small Montmartre of Bitola shows that the manifestation is accepted from the entire world: accepted by the art talents and art pedagogues from Australia, China, Iran, Russian Federation, South and North America, from the majority of the European Union countries. Thus, there is one question that intrudes allover: what is the matter that attracts the children and art pedagogues so much so they come every year with such love to Bitola, they travel thousands kilometers by plains, trains, jeeps and even taxi. The current practice shows that Bitola's Montmartre is an inexplicable phenomenon. Why is it so nobody knows yet? It is only known that the magic called The Small Montmartre of Bitola will go on.

The Small Montmartre of Bitola is a true festive of colors, art panels and paintbrushes, world youth.. Bitola's manifestation will remain to be the world art workshop, which participants, besides the creating of art masterpieces in all art techniques, create their own world of friendships announcing the messages of peace worldwide.


The Children Art Studio St. Cyril and Methody - Bitola is found on 6th October 1981, on the initiative of the former Republic Committee of Culture and Education. The essential goal of the Studio was and remain to be gathering of the young art talents of Bitola's elementary schools and kindergarten facilities. The membership is free of charge, the entry is by the competition that is announced at the beginning of the school year. At the average the Studio counts 50 children each year between 5 and 14 years old.

The very beginning of the Studio work was very humble. At that time the Studio neither possed appropriate facilities nor necessary funds for tool and equipment acquisition. Those problems were resolve thanks to the great enthusiasm. Studio crucial year was 1987, when the special building was appointed to be the permanent seat of the Studio. This building was quite neglected, but nowadays it is a true beauty that adorns the Old Bitola Bazaar. This facility is a three-storey building possessing children art gallery and two exhibition halls, one of it used for children work. There are two permanent exhibition accommodated in those halls with quite wealthy collection of the Studio named as The Old Macedonian architecture. Those halls also served as an accommodation for other cultural manifestation such as: literal meetings, music manifestation, and children art exhibitions, exhibitions of famous art artists.

Famous successes of the Studio

The children art studio from year to year enlarges its work thus accomplishing greater successes in its noble work. The greatest success of the Studio is the organizing of the international festival The Small Montmartre of Bitola with its additional manifestations: international exhibition of children paintings Bitola, art caravans, summer art schools etc.

The members of this Studio very successfully take participation at almost every important international art manifestations. Valuable awards and notes (golden, silver, bronze medals, special awards, diplomas etc). The Studio was granted with following awards: Tokyo (Japan) 87 medals; China 6 medals, Taiwan 35 awards, Evora (Portugal) 30 awards, Zagreb (Croatia) 3 medals, Golemcow (Poland) 7 medals, Teheran (Iran) 20 awards, Troy (France), Chehochinek (Poland), Zanka (Hungary)15 medals, Moscow (Russia) 13 awards, Harkov (Ukraina) 20 medals...

During those 30 years of existence 1700 children were members of this art school of the Studio. To some of them art became to be their life profession, they became 17 academic artists, among them there are a large number of graduated engineers, doctors, professors, architects…


The very idea came spontaneously, in the far 1982 in Zagreb (Croatia) during the friendly chat with one of the editors of Zagreb kids magazine named Modra Lasta and few art pedagogues of former Yugoslavia.

Namely, in 1982 members of the Children Art Studio - Bitola were granted the first prize of the state competition entitled as "The world around us" announced by the magazine "Modra Lasta". The manager of the Studio Kosta Hadzi Antonovski attended to this celebration, along with the awarded participant. He made some meetings in Zagreb with distinguished art pedagogues from allover Yugoslavia presenting the idea to organize art-painting children manifestation in Bitola. His idea was accepted with exaltation by the art pedagogues with a promise that it will be of great pleasure for them to take participation. Encouraged by this support Hadzi Antonovski began with preparations about the organizing of the new art manifestation in Bitola immediately after his arrival from Zagreb.

The first art manifestation "Bitola" was held in 24th and 25th of May 1982 on the occasion of the festive day of Slavs educators Cyril and Methodi. On the first Art Colony "Bitola82" forty pupil took participation and 5 art pedagogues from Pag and Vinkovci (Croatia), Prilep, Makedonski Brod and Bitola (Macedonia). The participants of this colony created two days in front of the Culture Hall in Bitola, on their own theme choice.

Next year at the colony "Bitola 83", the festival "The Small Montmartre of Bitola" gain the current physiognomy. On the second colony participants from 8 Yugoslavian cities took participation, upon the selection and invitation of the Studio. They brought to Bitola their own collections of their art works and the first children art exhibition named as "Bitola" was promoted. Each school-participant on this colony was presented by their collection of 10 paintings, and those 100 paintings were exposed at the Art Gallery in Bitola. This exhibition actually meant the very beginning of the foundation of the International exhibition "Bitola", which by its magnificence opened the new page of the Guinness book of records.

The third Art Colony "Bitola 84" will be remembered in the annals of Bitola's Monmartre by the announcement of the art competition (state competition at that time which now became international) for participation on Bitola's colony and by the fact that works of art were selected by the expert jury consist of eminent art pedagogues, artists and society-political workers. Since this year the manifestation was named "The Small Montmartre of Bitola"

At the colony "Bitola 84" another novelty was promoted, which lasts till nowadays the organizing of the art caravans. The first such caravan took place in village of Bukovo near Bitola.

Since 1992 Bitola's colony gain international character, with participation from young art talents from Europe and around the world.

Until the present days "The Small Montmartre of Bitola" accommodated art talents from many countries from Europe and world wide: Argentina, New Zealand, Switzerland, Germany, Finland, France, Serbia and Montenegro, Australia, India, China, Slovenia, Italy, Croatia, United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Netherland, Belarus, Moldavia, Republic of China-Taiwan, Turkey, Iran, Romania, Poland, Portugal, Austria, Indonesia, Ermenia, Hungary, Lebanon, Malesia, Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Albania, Belgium, Cyprus, Macedonia…

There are quite lot possibilities at this year jubilee manifestation "The small Montmartre of Bitola" the number of participants to be remarkable increased.


At the beginning (the first two art colonies) in Bitola, only teams from the ex - yu republics took participation on The Small Bitola Montmartre on the invitation of the organizers the Children Art Studio St. Cyril and Methody - Bitola. Since 1984, actually from the third Art Children Colony Bitola, the Studio announced the competition for the first time for the participation at  the Colony. The first competition was on a free choice of the theme, it was  announced at the beginning of the month of September and it lasts till the month of February the next year. On this competition the right to take participation was given to the children from the pre-elementary schools (kindergarten) and from the elementary schools. The participants present their collection of 20 art works, on free choice of the theme and art techniques. Since 1991, when the colony gains its international character, it was allowed to senior pupils to take participation, actually the pupils from the high schools, art schools, lycees, students from the art academies.

The art works that arrived on the international competition are selected and awarded by the international jury. This jury also appointed the schools-participants of the festival as well as the winners of other awards such as: Grand Prix as a highest festival award, best collection prizes, best individual works (golden plaquettes, golden paint-brush, diplomas etc), special awards etc.

The international jury each year select between 1800 and 2000 art works thus promoting the International exhibition of children art works entitled as Bitola. Traditionally the exhibition is promoted on the first day of the festival on 23rd of May in a presence of numerous guests, participants of the festival, pupils and art pedagogues' winners of awards.

The festival Small Montmartre of Bitola is held in Bitola, traditionally on 23-30 May. On this festival took participation the best schools selected by the international jury. Each school participate with a team consist of 4 members - 3 students and 1 art pedagogue.

During those 7 days of May the participants work on open air, on Bitola's streets, accompanied by the citizens, market visitors, craftsman from the Old Bitola Bazaar, also they work on the most famous and most lauded street of the city of Consuls Bitola the Shirok Sokak and other streets on the traditional theme - The Old Macedonian Architecture. The participants are granted free of charge by the organizers with painting equipment, working cloths (T-shirts, caps, bags…etc) and are accommodated in the most representative hotel in Bitola - Epinal.

All art works painted during the festival in Bitola and other cities where it is foreseen to be visited by the art caravan Bitola are selected and awarded on the seventh, the last day of the festival. At that day the jury announced the best school and the best student with the best collection. Also the best individual participants are promoted who gain the right to participate as an honored guests on the next festival. Many times the awards are granted by other institutions and associations (like the Association of the Architects of Maceodnia, Association of the Craftsman St. Spiridon of Bitola)

The best works of each festival are incorporated into the permanent exhibition actually the exhibition entitled as The Pearls of the Small Montmartre of Bitola. All paintings of this collection are regulary prepared for visit of other towns in the country and abroad.


The art caravans of "The Small Montmartre of Bitola" for the first time were organized in 1986. This additional manifestation was accepted with great pleasure as from the participants also from the art pedagogues. This art caravan lasts for one day, it is accommodated in many towns and villages, the participants work on traditional theme "The Old Macedonian Architecture".

The very first art caravan took place in Bukovo, the village near Bitola in 1986. It is worth to emphasize that this was a great day, a true festive for the local inhabitants of Bukovo. The local inhabitants accommodated the participants in Bukovo by the old traditional way with bread and salt. The village was prepared for this event: the streets were cleaned, the balconies were embellished with blankets and rugs, and the gates were embellished with smelly spring flowers. After the participants and pedagogues finished their work they were invited to have a lunch with Bukovo inhabitants. After the lunch, at the center of the village of Bukovo there was a special performance for their dear guests. They performed songs and dances from all parts of Yugoslavia. Many sincere friendships were born that day in Bukovo among young Bukovo fellows and caravan participants, which lasts till the present day.

There were so many caravans after that. Several times the participants went to work in the town known as the pearl of Macedonia, the museum-town and the town of the Saint Clement and that is Ohrid. Few times the participants worked and visited the picturesque and the highest town on the Balkan - Krushevo, the very place where the Republic of Krushevo was found the very first republic established on Balkan. History lessons and classes were organized in front of the most famous monuments of this town Mechkin Kamen and the monument of "Ilinden", the pupils had their opportunity to learn about some interesting details of tragic and blood shedding history of Macedonian people. Once this art caravan of "The Small Montmartre of Bitola" accommodated to Prilep- the town of tobacco. A cordially reception to the participants was organized in this town.

Blitz-exhibitions were organized in each town where those caravans were accommodated presenting the art works made during the work of caravan. This is a true attraction as for the local inhabitants as well as for the numerous domestic and foreign tourists.


Beside Macedonia the art caravans of "The Small Montmartre of Bitola" visited neighboring Greece twice, regarding the framework of the Program for Cross-border Cooperation of Euro-region Countries.

The first time the art caravan of "The Small Montmartre of Bitola" visited Florina (Greece) on the occasion of the 20 Anniversary of Bitola's manifestation.

The participants of the international caravan "Florina 2001", consist of thirty kids participants of "The Small Montmartre of Bitola", worked in the center square of Florina for one day, eternizing the oldest and the most magnificent facilities of this town. At the end of the day, in the center square of Florina a blitz-exhibition was organized, which was seen by a lot of visitors who were delighted.

The second international caravan of "The Small Montmartre of Bitola" was held in August 2001 in Little Prespa region (Greece). The caravan was organized as a content of the multimedia project "The New Balkan", which essential aim was to bring closer the young's from Balkan countries. Around thirty artists from Bitola and Kochani took participation at this caravan. The participants create for one day in Kozani (Greece) and in many villages in Little Prespa region.


In 1989 another novelty was promoted at "The Small Montmartre of Bitola" the organizing of summer art schools for the young talented artists from Republic of Macedonia.

The first summer art school was organized at the end of the month of July 1989. The attendants of this school were children from Ratkovo, Stip and Bitola and they painted the magnificent fresco on the wall of the new elementary school "St. Clement Ohridski". The participants worked on this fresco for 15 days. But, they did not regret at all, because they left behind a magnificent art masterpiece that will be of great proud for next generations of pupils of "St. Clement Ohridski".

Summer art workshops were organized also in Struga, Oteshevo, Bitola, several times on Pelister. The attendants of those summer schools painted another fresco, which is painted on a wall of a store at the entry of the Old Bitola Bazaar, entitled as "Awakening".

In summer workshops organized on Pelister the attendants work on a traditional theme "The beauties of Pelister". They created more than 1000 paintings and the best of them are exhibited in the collection entitled as "Pelister rhapsody". The exhibitions of this collection arose a great interest and such exhibitions were organized in Skopje, Kochani, Ohrid, Resen…

Summer art workshops of "The Small Montmartre of Bitola" are e true art workshops on the open air. Here many talented artists enlarge their knowledge about the fine arts, today some of them are academic painters or a students of academies of fine art in the country and abroad.

That is the reason, which makes us believe that it is not so far the day when this Summer Art Workshop will grow into a small art academy.



The most representative collection of the Children Art Studio "Pearls of the Small Bitola Montmartre" was found after the Second State children Art Colony "Bitola 83". The first exhibition of this collection (around 20 works) for the first time was promoted in 1984 in Mataruska Banja (Serbia and Montenegro), in the framework of traditional winter school of art pedagogues of foregone Yugoslavia.

After each such art colony in Bitola this collection became wealthier for new art works created by the participants from many Macedonian towns: Bitola, Ohrid, Krusevo, Prilep who create works on theme "Old Macedonian Architecture". This collection nowadays counts more than 15 000 "pearls".

"Pearls" of Bitola's Montmartre visited many towns in Macedonia, many towns from former Yugoslavia, Europe and worldwide. Here are some of the important visits of the "pearls" around the world.

Mataruska Banja, Lipik (twice), Vrsac and Obrenovac as a part of Winter School of art pedagogues of Yugoslavia.

  • Skopje, Kumanovo, Kocani, Stip, Strumica, Resen, Ohrid
  • Subotica, Rieka, Veternik, Zabalj, Novi Sad, Banja Luka, Zivinice, Okucani, Belgrade
  • (Twice), Kraguevac
  • Slovenia: Kranj, Ljubljana, Piran and Maribor
  • Bulgaria: Sophia, Asenovgrad, Pleven
  • Germany: Coln
  • Belgium: Bruxsseles, Vilwoard
  • France: Paris (twice)
  • Sweden Stockholm (when this city was capitol of culture of Europe), Baros, Gisslaved and Halmstad
  • Australia: twice for the first time in 1998 when "pearls" visited Sidney, Melbourne, and New Castle; for the second time this collection was promoted at Olympic Games in Sidney 2000.
  • Greece Florina and region Little Prespa art caravan
  • Czech Republic: Prague
  • Hungary: Pech
  • USA: Boston (organized by World Bank)
  • Romania : Bucharest
  • Finland - Savonlinna
  • China - Hong Kong

The interest about exhibition of "Pearls of the Small Montmartre of Bitola" grows from year to year and the best proof of this are the new invitations for visit to a great number of countries.


The members of the Children Art Studio "St. Cyril and Methodi" Bitola win hundreds award on almost every world famous children art manifestation. Among them there are two "pearly" awards: the award of the French Embassy in Republic of Macedonia and the first prize of NATO Alliance.

Zoran Sekulovski, a member of the Studio win the prize of the French Embassy in Republic of Macedonia. He was granted a seven-day visit and work in Montmartre in Paris.

Young and talented Zoran Sekulovski accompanied by his mentor Kosta Hadzi Antonovski worked at Montmartre in Paris from 12th to 19th March 2003.

Surrounded by affirmed artists from around the world Zoran Sekulovski in Paris Montmartre worked on a painting about the "old architecture of Montmartre". This painting was exhibited in one of the most famous private gallery in Paris "The Gallery of Iron" where the exhibition 'The Pearls of Bitola Montmartre" was accommodated.


Among the most famous successes of the Studio encountered is the winning of the first prize on the international competition "For safer world" organized by NATO Alliance in Prague (Czech Republic). The award was granted to Stefan Popovski a 14 years-old boy, member of the Studio.

This highly recognition, the first prize by NATO wad given to Stefan Popovski, who was accompanied by his mentor Kosta Hadzi Antonovski on 29th November 2003 on the special ceremony in the Office of the President of Republic of Macedonia Mr. Boris Trajkovski. In a presence of a large number of distinguished guests the award was granted to Stefan by the Lord George Robertson General Secretary of NATO and Mr. Boris Trajkovski - President of Republic of Macedonia at that time.

The award was consist of a special diploma, signed by Robertson and a box full with presents, but also the Studio had a special gift for the Lord a master-piece from the "pearl" collection. On the Summit of NATO in Riga the Studio won 8 awards.


The "Grand Prix" award the highest award of "The Small Montmartre of Bitola" for the first time was granted in 1986. The winners of this prestige award are the following elementary schools, high schools, art schools, individuals and kindergarten institutions:

  • 1986 E.S. "Simon Jenko" Kranj (Slovenia)
  • 1987 E.S. "Stevan Divnin - Baba" Zabalj (Serbia and Montenegro)
  • 1988 E.S. "Ratko Pavlovic - Chichko" Ratkovo (Serbia and Montenegro)
  • 1989 E.S. "Ivan Goran Kovacic" Niska Banja (Serbia and Montenegro)
  • 1990 E.S. "Ivaqn Cankar" Vrhnika (Slovenia)
  • 1991 E.S. "Petar Mechava" Turbe (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • 1992 E.S. "Goce Delcev" Prilep (Macedonia)
  • 1993 Kindergarten "Bamby" Kikinda (Serbia and Montenegro)
  • 1994 Exhibition Agency Peking (China)
  • 1995 The Third Elementary School - Slovengradec (Slovenia)
  • 1996 - Art School - Rouzemberoc (Slovakia)
  • 1997 Cultural Center Chechcinek (Poland)
  • 1998 Institute "Franjo Milchinski" Smlednik (Slovenia)
  • 1999 Voice of Youth Hayderabad (India)
  • 2000 E.S. "Saadet Emir" - Budza/Izmir (Turkey)
  • 2001 Art School - Spishka Bela (Slovakia)
  • 2002 - Art School No 133 - Kharkow (Ukraine)
  • 2003 European Club "Teoartis" - Evora (Portugal)
  • 2004 Academy art lycee - Moscow (Russia)
  • 2005 - Art School No 133 - Kharkow (Ukraine)
  • 2006 Anadolun Guzel Sanatlar Lisesi Eskisehir (Turkey)
  • 2007 Art studio “Costandi” - Odessa (Ukraina)
  • 2008 Elementary art school - Prievidza (Slovakia)
  • 2009 “Simply art” - Hong Kong (China)
  • 2010 Art school - Trabzo (Turkey)
  • 2011 “Simply art” - Hong Kong (China)




During the past 30 years more than 12.000 elementary schools, art schools, lycees, children art studios, kindergartens took participation on the international competition entitled as "Bitola" as well as on the international exhibition of children art work.

"The Small Montmartre of Bitola" till the present day had accommodated more than 850 teams, 4.000 participants, art pedagogues and other guests.

The participants of the "The Small Montmartre of Bitola" during the past 30 years painted more than 13.000 paintings on the appointed theme "The Old Macedonian Architecture". In the same collection 7.000 paintings are preserved.

The participants of the summer art school of Bitola's Montmartre painted more than 700 painting and two frescos-murals: one in E.S. "St. Clement Ohridski" and the second in Old Bitola's Bazaar.

The international expert jury till the present had granted more than 10.500 awards: 3.000 golden palettes, 2.000 golden brushes, 6.100 diplomas, 25 "Grand Prix" prizes, 20 special awards for best collection on the concourse for participation on the festival and 10 individual awards, 15 awards for best collections, and 200 awards for individual best achievements on "The Small Montmartre of Bitola".



The Children Art Studio Bitola posses a huge fund of children art works, which now counts more than 400 000 works created by talents from around the world. In aim to present a part from this huge art legacy to devotees of fine art the Studio organized three huge exhibitions which deserve their place to be mentioned in Guinness Book of Records.

The first Guinness exhibition was opened at the end of 1995 in Institute and Museum Bitola. This exhibition was consist of 11 058 works selected by international expert jury of "The Small Montmartre of Bitola". This exhibition was open for two months and draw a great attention. The exhibition was 1500 kilograms heavy and 800 meters long.

The next 1996-second Guinness exhibition was promoted by the Studio. The exhibition was accommodated in the City Museum of Skopje. This exhibition was consist of 10 000 works.

The third Guinness exhibition organized by the Studio was promoted in Belgrade (Serbia) in 1997. The exhibition was accommodated in the Museum of Applied Arts with 3500 works.

By these huge exhibition the Studio open a new page in Guinness Book of records.

Starlit successes of "The Small Montmartre of Bitola"



During its 30 years of existence "The Small Montmartre of Bitola" present its exhibition in many European cities and around the world. One of these presentations will remain written with golden letters in its abundant history. It is the visit of Stockholm cultural capitol of Europe 1998.

"The Small Montmartre of Bitola" attend to the manifestation Stockholm - cultural capitol of Europe on the invitation of the Organizing Board, actually on the suggestion of the Macedonian Embassy in Sweden and the ambassador Tihomir Ilievski.

In Stockholm "The Small Montmartre of Bitola" presents 60 creation of the members of Bitola's manifestation. The exhibition was opened from 30th March till 2nd April and it was accommodated in one of the most representative art halls of the Congress Center of Stockholm. This event was organized as a part of the Conference of Culture of UNESCO headed by the General Director Federico Mayor.

The opening ceremony was the central cultural event on the first day of the Conference of UNESCO. On the ceremony, beside the government delegation headed by the ambassador Tihomir Ilievski and Ministry of Culture Slobodan Unkovski many individuals involved in culture from Macedonia were present: Goran Stefanovski, Dimitrie Buzarovski, Zaneta Vangeli, Zoran Kostov, Lidia Topuzovska and many others. Ambassadors and ministries of culture from more than 20 European countries attend on the opening ceremony. The presence of the Greek ministry Mr. Evangelos Venizelos and Turkey Ministry of Culture Istamahin Talay drew a special attention when they made a toast with a glass of Macedonian wine.

The presentation in this cultural capitol of Europe Stockholm is not only a great success for "The Small Montmartre of Bitola", this should be also understand as a presentation of the cultural history of Bitola and Republic of Macedonia.



At the beginning of month of March 2001 "The Small Montmartre of Bitola" visit Republic of Slovenia for the first time. The tour was on an invitation of the Republic Institute for Scholarship of Republic of Slovenia, and by this actually started the celebration of the 20th anniversary of Bitola's Montmartre.

During this tour "The Small Montmartre of Bitola" was represented by an impressive exhibition with more than 1500 paintings from the international competition "Bitola".

The exhibition was accommodated into the magnificent city-mayor festive hall of Municipality of Kranj. This exhibition was a great event for the citizens of Kranj and surrounding towns. Among numerous devotees of children art creation on the opening ceremony attend a great number of popular guests: Mr. Mohor Bogataj the mayor of Kranj with his wife, M.D. Shtefan Kadic deputy-mayor of Kranj, Mrs. Jozica Puhar former ambassador of Slovenia in RM, Mrs. Olivera Causevska-Dimovska First Secretary of Maceodnina Embassy in Slovenia and others.

Delighted from what she saw the President of Republic Institute for Scholarship of Republic of Slovenia Mrs. Metka Zevnik on the opening ceremony said: "This is the most magnificent exhibition I have ever saw".

The celebration mood from the city-mayor hall of Kranj was transferred to the Education Institute "Franjo Milcinski" in Smeldnik (the kids from this institution took part in "The Small Montmartre of Bitola" many times and win many awards). There was a true cordial reception for the Studio delegation. On the celebration table there was a birthday cake with a trade mark of Bitola's Montmartre and inscription: "Happy 20th Anniversary jubilee"

After the opening celebration in Kranj, this exhibition visited Ljubljana, Piran and Maribor.

Starlit successes of "The Small Montmartre of Bitola"



On the international competition for participation on "The Small Montmartre of Bitola" there were many works dedicated to sport games. Regarding the fact that there was a great interest for sport arose by the young from Europe and world wide the Studio in cooperation with Macedonian Olympic Committee and International Olympic Committee of Lausanne (Switzerland) promote this novelty to the work of "The Small Montmartre of Bitola"- the organizing of sport happenings entitled as "Olympic games in children eyes"

Those sport happenings were held on open air, on "Goce Delcev" square in Bitola with attendance of all participants of "The Small Montmartre of Bitola" of the current year. Three such events were organized till now and an art work collection has been found "The young from around the world and olimpisam".

This collection of "The Small Montmartre of Bitola" was first presented in Skopje. The exhibition was announced open by Huan Antonio Samaranch president of the International Olympic Committee and Vasil Tupurkovski president of Macedonian Olympic Committee.

Representative exhibitions consist of those art works by the presentation of art creations on theme "The young from around the world and olimpism" promotes "The Small Montmartre of Bitola" on two Olympic games: in Sidney 2000 and Athena 2004.

On the occasion of the Olympic games Sidney 2000 "The Small Montmartre of Bitola" present a magnificent exhibition consist of more than three hundred art works about the "Olympic games". The exhibition was accommodated in Art Gallery of city of Wollongong and it arose a great interest among the participants of the Olympic games as well as among the art devotees from Wollongong and surrounding cities. On the request of Macedonian immigrants the exhibition visited Rockdale, a twin town with Bitola.

"The Small Montmartre of Bitola" presented such great exhibition on the Olympic Games in Athena 2004. The exhibition was accommodated in Balkan Olympic Center in the Municipality of Marusi, in the immediate vicinity of Olympic village. In the presence of many distinguished guests the exhibition was announced opened by Mr. Blagoj Handziski Macedonian ambassador in Athena.

The third performance was in Beijing - China2008 in organization of Macedonian Olympic Committee.



"The Small Montmartre of Bitola" win the heart of another European metropolis Bucharest. In the capitol city of Romania "The Small Montmartre of Bitola" was represented by the exhibition consist of 150 "pearls" painted on theme "The Old Macedonian Architecture" which was organized according to Macedonian embassy in Bucharest (Romania).

The exhibition was opened on 9th June 2005 all over the three halls of "Auditorium" gallery, accommodated into the National Museum of Bucharest which is considered to be among the most famous galleries of this city. In the presence of many distinguished guests, among them Mr. Tihomir Ilievski ambassador of R.M. in Romania, Mrs. Ilinka Mitreva Ministry of Foreign Affairs of RM, the exhibition was announced open by Mrs. Roxanne Theodoresky manager of the National Museum of Bucharest. In the audience also the parents of the Romanian participants of "The Small Montmartre of Bitola 05 " were present.

This exhibition arose a great interest in Romanian broadcasting networks and public, which is another true proof that "The Small Montmartre of Bitola" is already a part of the cultural legacy of Europe.



During the past 30 years the Children Art Studio, actually "The Small Montmartre of Bitola" was visited by hundreds distinguished persons like politicians, prime ministers, ambassadors, ministries, persons of culture etc. Here are some of the most distinguished guests of Bitola's Montmartre:

Mr. Kiro Gligorov, the first Macedonian President. He announced the 21st "The Small Montmartre of Bitola" and also he attend to many other manifestation organized by Bitola's Montmartre.

Mr. Branko Crvenkovski a former Prime Minister and President of Republic of Macedonia. He organized a pageant reception for the Studio members and also he opened an exhibition of "The Small Montmartre of Bitola".

Ministers of Culture of R.M.: Anatolij Damjanovski, Dimitar Bajaldziev, Cvetan Grozdanov, Slobodan Unkovski, Gale Galev, Blagoj Stefanovski…

Ambassadors of R.M.: Mr. Tihomir Ilievski, chief organizer of "The Small Montmartre of Bitola" exhibitions in Stockholm (Sweden) and Bucharest (Romania); Jordan Plevnesh he opened the exhibition in Paris, Gjorgi Spasov, Blagoj Handziski he opened the exhibition in Athena, Ljubisha Georgievski…

Foreign ambassadors of: USA, Russian Federation, Austria, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Portugal, Slovenia, Serbia and Montenegro, Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine, Croatia, China, China-Taiwan, Romania, India….



The Children Art Studio "St. Cyril and Methodi" Bitola posses an over wealthy fund of children art works gathered from the participants of the international competition "Bitola" and also from the participants of "The Small Montmartre of Bitola", as well as from its additional manifestations such as art caravans, summer art schools etc. The best art works from those manifestations are published into three magnificent art maps.

The Studio published both art maps in 1998, on the occasion of visit of "The Small Montmartre of Bitola" in Stockholm the cultural metropolis of Europe. On the pages of this art map there are 30 "pearls" of "The Small Montmartre of Bitola" made in color technique. An appropriate article could be read in this map (on English and French) about "The Small Montmartre of Bitola".

This map along with other advertising material was distributed to visitors who visited Stockholm exhibition, among who there were ambassadors, ministries of culture and other popular persons.

The third map was published by the Studio in 2004 consisting works from the collection entitled as "Pelister rhapsody" which shows the magnificent landscapes of Pelister.

Those three art maps of the Studio are very well accepted by the art devotees of Europe and worldwide.

Cooperation with World Bank



Among the best friends and cooperators of "The Small Montmartre of Bitola" stands the World Bank. In the frame of cooperation, parallel to the international competition "Bitola 2000" also another competition was announced supported by The World Bank entitled as "The Vision of the Future 2000"

On this World Bank competition "The Vision of the future" 4000 art works arrived from more than 30 countries. The works were selected by the international expert jury of "The Small Montmartre of Bitola", and around 800 works were selected for the world exhibition.

More than 500 works from this exhibition as a special collection were granted to the World Bank. Two exhibitions were promoted presenting those art works: in Boston (USA) and in Prague (Czech Republic)

This cooperation between the World Bank and "The Small Montmartre of Bitola" will go on in the following period.

Humanitarian activities of the Studio



During the last 3 decades the Children Art Studio presents a substantial humanitarian activity, which consist of donation of paintings of its abundant collections to the children hospitals, schools,  institutions,  companies  and  individuals…. More than 1200 paintings are donated origin from the collections named as "The Pearls of the Small Montmartre of Bitola" and "Pelister Rhapsody".

A great number of Paintings are granted to the foreign delegations and ambassadors who had visited Bitola, to some important individuals (politicians, scientists, writers, sportiest etc) from Bitola and from Republic of Macedonia. This noble mission of the Studio is foreseen to continue.

Additional activities of the Studio



Beside it regular work with young talents from Bitola the Children Art Studio during the last 25 years had some other additional activities.

On the New Year Eve the Studio organizes for several times the manifestation called "Santa Claus in Old Bitola Bazaar". This manifestation took place on the plateau in front of the Children Art Gallery, with more than 3-4 thousands citizens who were there with their children.

Santa Claus was always there, and from the balcony of the Children Art Gallery he send the New Year Message and he granted the kinds with a presents provided by the Studio.

The Children Art Studio solemnly and in the spirit of the Christians religious rituals celebrates the great festive of Kolede.

The first Kolede's fire was set in the far 1989. It was a brave venture, regarding the fact that at that time we still live in a one-party communist system.

One distinguished craftsman from the Old Bazaar each year lightened the Kolede fire, on a traditional way. Around the fire the older visitors were having a hot "rakija" (alcohol), and the children have rolls, balloons, candies, chocolates and other gifts provided by the Studio.

The Studio will cherish these old Kolede traditions with love ever after.


The Children Art Studio made a great contribute to the ennoblement and arrangement of the Old Bitola Bazaar, which is considered to be among the most famous cultural-history monuments of Bitola and which is far famous by its beauty.

At first the Studio arranged the place in front of the Children Art Gallery, which is located in the heart of the Old Bazaar. On this location, in 1992 the Studio supported by its sponsors built a fountain with three water flows, which supply the inhabitants, on their great pleasure, with pure Pelister's water. This fountain is surrounded by three branches, which serve for the rest of all bazaar visitors.

On such arranged plateau a mast was placed 10 meters high, which held a flag on many occasions most of all at the opening ceremonies of "The Small Montmartre of Bitola".

The most magnificent embellishment of The Old Bitola Bazaar is the wall-fresco named as "Awakening", a masterpiece of the participants of Summer Art School of Bitola's Montmartre.

That is the reason why the citizens will continue to accept cordially those arrangement activities of the Studio in the future.


The Children Art Studio established fruitful cooperation with broadcasting networks. Affirmative articles regularly are published in a press as well as in the broadcasting networks about the numerous activities and successes of the Studio and "The Small Montmartre of Bitola"

Beside the domestic broadcast networks, such articles speaking about Bitola's manifestation were published in any country participants of "The Small Montmartre of Bitola".

The most famous children art manifestation of the world "The Small Montmartre of Bitola" is represented by documentary films, many special TV and radio shows, articles published in European newsletters and worldwide. Great contribution for the popularity of Bitola's Montmartre was made by the performance of the rich and representative advertising material which is made each year by the organizers the Children Art Studio such as: placards, bulletins, catalogues, T-shirts, hats, pendants with the symbols of "The Small Montmartre of Bitola".


Since the very beginning of the work until the present day the Studio publishes a very rich and representative advertising material. Thus, each festival "The Small Montmartre of Bitola" is followed by these publications: brochure about the international competition "Bitola", a color invitation, a color placard, a catalogue, a bulletin with plenty color photos….

Every participant and art pedagogue is granted with a complete working clothes (a hat, a T-shirt and a bag), pens, pendants, badges etc.

Such representative advertising material is prepared for each exhibition of the Studio in the country and abroad. Such presentation played a great and important role regarding the affirmation of "The Small Montmartre of Bitola" around the world.

Three documentary film are made telling the story about "The Small Montmartre of Bitola": 30 minutes film was made in 1986 by the Macedonian Radio-Television Network redaction of Turkey language, The second film was made by "Orbis" Network from Bitola lasting 30 minutes. The third film was made by the Children Art Studio on the occasion of the annual jubilee of 15th Anniversary of "The Small Montmartre of Bitola". The duration of this film is one and a half-hour.